How to Get Bromo from Bali without Tour


How to Get Bromo from Bali without Tour

This time I will discuss backpacking tips from Denpasar Bali to Bromo National Park like indonesian,

through the northern route, Probolinggo.

The first step is looking for public transportation to get to Gilimanuk. Generally the Gilimanuk Denpasar prices with public transportation such as mini buses are charged at 30,000 rupiahs, so you can bargain as long as you don’t hesitate, then you can be held in the thugs’ terminal hahaha. Departure time is adjusted, good departure from Bali at night, until Java in the morning.

bormo from bali and saty in the villageNext, arriving at Gilimanuk the price crosses to Banyuwangi by ferry at a rate of 7000 rupiah per person. Remember to look for a normal normal crossing ship .. not because of chasing time willingly willing to ride a barge, can catch a cold.

Arriving at Banyuwangi, make time for breakfast at the nearest rice stall. From here there will be 2 alternatives if you want to go to Probolinggo


Tourism buses usually perch at the terminal next to the port, but the price is quite expensive. If you want to save on travel costs, you can ride public transportation with a price of approximately 5000 rupiah to the main terminal which is quite far away when walking. Arriving at the terminal, you can ride the AKAS bus with the price of 35,000 heading directly to the Probolinggo terminal.


The distance from the station to the harbor is very close, walking distance is not until 10 minutes. Stay out of the harbor, turn left and go straight. Generally, if you want to ride a train ticket must be ordered well in advance. But if you want to try walking in the guest, there is no harm in trying, the tariff is 50,000 for the Tawang Alun Ekonomi AC train. Arriving at the station Probolinggo just take an angkot to the terminal with a tariff of 5000 rupiah.

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The trip to Cemoro Lawang was quite long. So those who are in the right direction because they are tired of traveling can sleep, those who are still cheerful can enjoy the trip, because the scenery is awesome!

You can ask the elf driver where there is cheap lodging, and book a jeep for tomorrow. usually they will help find it.

The jeep trafficking is quite expensive, my advice is to take as many Travelbuddy as you can so you can pay for the price of the jeep, the cheapest is around 700,000 rupiah, you can tour to 4 places at once. Climb, gn. Bromo, Bukit Telletubies (don’t imagine there are Telletubies huh .. hehe) and the end of whispering sand.

For the cost of eating at Cemoro Lawang – don’t worry, it’s cheap and cheap. Just eat at the driver’s place usually eat, in addition to affordable prices, food is also a portion of the laborer.

At Cemoro Lawang, the people are friendly, so don’t just stay quiet and rest in your room until you get there, go for a walk and get some fresh air. Bromo guaranteed to miss you.

And lastly don’t forget to always be vigilant!

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